How Self-Inking Stamps Work

So how do self-inking stamps work?

How a self-inking stamp works

A self-inking stamp is a rubber stamp inside of a mechanism that contains a spring, stamp and a pad. The stamp rests on the pad when it’s not being used. This way when you want use the stamp it is ready to go. Since the stamp is resting on the stamp pad all the time with pressure, it causes a couple of problems. First, it places an impression (indentation) in the pad, if you want to change the stamp on your self inking mount, it is advisable to change the pad also. If the pad is not replaced your stamp may not work correctly. Second, the pad over time will wear out. I suppose this isn’t really a problem. That happens to every stamp pad eventually.

How can I tell if I’m getting a good stamp?

Ask people you know, they will certainly tell you what they like or don’t like about thier stamps. The better self inking stamps are made of an ABS plastic and are very durable. The “no-name” brands you see in ads in the sunday paper can be made of a less expensive plastic and are not as durable. You may also find it difficult to find replacement pads for off brand stamps as well.

Self-Inking tips:

  • Don’t mix inks with different brands of stamps. They usually have their own “secret formula” and aren’t compatible.
  • Self-inking stamps are not reccommended for use with quick dry ink (for non-porus surfaces), just as implied, the ink dries to quick since the pad is always uncovered.
  • Don’t bang or hit them, they have feelings too. They will bounce and not make a great impression.
  • Most important, don’t run them over with your car. They will break (also voids any warranty).

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