How Pre-Inked Stamps Work

So how does a pre-inked stamp work?

Pre-Inked StampsPre-Inked stamps, as implied, come pre-inked. There are several ways they are made, but what it boils down to is this: The stamps themselves hold the ink in the rubber. The ink travels through the pores in the stamp and when you press down on the stamp the ink is transfered to the paper.
If you do a lot of stamping all at once, you may not want to useĀ a pre-inked stamp. The ink takes a while to travel through the pores of the rubber.

Pre-inked stamps come in many styles and mount designs. Some brands even come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Pre-inked stamp tips:

  • Don’t mix inks with different brands of stamps. They usually have their own “secret formula” and aren’t compatible.
  • Don’t bang or hit them, they have feelings too. They will bounce, not go down level and won’t make a great impression.
  • The amount of ink that transfers depends on how much pressure you apply. So, don’t press to hard, it can get messy.
  • Stamping too many times in succession will cause later images to be lighter than the first.
  • Most important, don’t run them over with your car. They will break (also voids any warranty).

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